Photography offers the opportunity to look at length at a moment in time or, alternatively, to look more fully at what stands still, where we typically breeze by. I try to lookdeeply at the world, admiring beauty in, at times, surprising places. I am drawn to images that show everyday subjects in dramatic, colorful, and, sometimes, humorous ways.

Exhibitions I have shown work in:

* Raise the Roof. Cambridge Center for Adult Education (juried). May 2012.

* Illuminations. Mass General Hospital Cancer Center (juried). June-Sept. 2011.

* Jamaica Plain Open Studios. September 25-26, 2010. Jamaica Plain/Boston MA.

* FOTOWEEK DC: Virtual Prince George’s (juried). Nov. 2008. Hyattesville, MD.

Prints of several works on the site are available for purchase. I can also have prints matted and framed for you. Please contact me with what you’re interested in.


 Notes on galleries and projects


Unexpected Beauty. Several of these pictures share an emphasis on vibrant colors, with one or two colors predominating. These include a brown branch that createsa gentle vertical against a brown rock backdrop and a row of silver metal chairs and tables stacked humorously (unintentionally so, I expect) against a brown concrete wall. And thought this is 2D art, texture is often emphasized, for example a lock on a weathered wood door and a canal gear mechanism “painted” with a thick black substance.


Creation. I enjoy finding unexpected beauty or seeing the commonplace in a new light, such as leaves floating in a shallow pool, or a day-lilly and “lowly” rose-of-sharon blossomsexplored dramatically up-close against a dark background.

BPL.The Boston Public Library is grand and classical, yet provides space foractually invitespeople to linger. And here comes a stranger asking to take a picture. Some are delighted; some tolerant (at best); otherdecline (and I respect their wishes). Some want to chat, to pose, to put the cigarette away. Others ignore me after granting permission. A brief interaction. Most probably think I’m a tourist. Each person has his or heritems around, creating their space and adding to their portrait. Sometimes a bit of greenery, a crack in the wall, or other random item adds to the scene.

Thank You for Shopping Here. Shortly after moving to a Boston neighborhood, I started to notice the same red "thank you" sign in convenience stores and other shops around town. A mass-produced personal thank you! Then I found the sign in L.A. and New York. And there's a green competing "thank you" sign. These pictures are snapshots and clearly not beautiful. Because repetition of the message is at the heart of this project, I intend to show the images several at a time. But that format makes them too small to see well in this website gallery, so I've provided just a couple of triptychs to give the flavor of what I'm after.

I hope you will enjoy the moments shared in these images. Email me and share your impressions.

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